Working During Lockdown To Make Sure You Get Your Home On Time

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Tulip Properties is beating the pandemic blues, making dream home come true. The coronavirus pandemic stifled the real estate sector to the point that it brought property transactions to a near -halt last year. The pandemic hit the real estate sector in every possible way. From halted construction activities, the mass exodus of migrant workers, buyer’s retracting from conducting site visits to a serious liquidity crunch for the real estate developers. Though the real estate sector took several strides towards recovery after the first lockdown, another wave of the virus hit the sector hard. With partial lockdowns, people struggling for healthcare, the realty sector has seen another blow.

Under construction view of Infinity World

The second wave of the virus changed the lives of the people in a matter of weeks. Office closures, work-from-home mandates, consumers tightening their purse strings to spend only on essentials created an unprecedented crisis for the real estate industry. Although the covid-19 pandemic has created a crisis and many developers are facing the problems, but few of them are showing genuine care to both their workers and customers.

Tulip Properties finding their way to pivot and carve a niche. The group not only functioned during the lockdown but also put more effort than the pre-lockdown period to make sure clients get their dream home on time. They arranged virtual platforms with guided tours for clients to bring them closer to reality. While regulating social distance and ensuring the safety and well-being of the team members and customers, Tulip properties ramped up construction work during the lockdown period. The group also took care of all health and food requirements of the laborers working on the site and ensured their stay within the project and do not pose any health hazard to society at large.

Although the current situation is the most challenging time from multiple aspects, Tulip Properties working overtime even during these adverse times and fulfilling their commitment to making dream home to actual home.

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