What things you consider while viewing a sample flat

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 Things you consider while viewing a sample flat :-

The strong rebound of the real estate sector after the pandemic made a positive headway for the coming year. The industry continuously evolves by adopting the latest technologies and strategies to reach potential customers. Owning a home has become a buzzword now, and potential homebuyers want to view their home in advance before buying it. To fulfil their wish, reputed builders and developers introduced the strategy of sample flat viewing. Sample flats are constructed near or in the proposed site of the ongoing project. This strategy of viewing the sample flat before buying helped homebuyers to foresee their new home and enable them to get the full details of the interiors, fittings, carpet area, and fixtures to be used in their future homes. However, there is a gap between a sample flat and a real flat. Here are the key points you have to look for before buying a sample flat in an under-construction project. 


Go for the reputed builders and developers :-

Before seeing a sample flat, request the builders to let you visit their other projects to get the overall idea of their work, quality of the construction, and their on-time delivery record. Sample flat viewing guides you to know about your future home more accurately.


Check the complete sample flat :-

Before taking the plunge of buying a home, if you get the chance to view the project’s sample flat, then check it thoroughly. Explore every room and corner of the sample flat. It will help you ascertain the carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area. When you enter the sample flat, you will get the exact idea of the space available for your family members. Sample flats are usually made of plywoods and thermocol instead of bricks and mortars. Thus, the space available in the sample flat will give you the illusion of more space. Also, the loading in sample flats is much less than in real flats, which is 35%, and the thinner walls give you the idea of more space, which is actually not in the case of real flats. The real flat is smaller than the sample flat. You will get the idea of the ceiling to floor height ratio, which will help you design or plan your space according to your needs later.


Fixtures and fittings :-

In the sample flat, all the fixtures and fittings are installed so that you can check the quality of the same in advance. You get the privilege of checking the sanitary brand, flooring, window quality, and electrical fixtures in the sample flat. In a sample flat, windows, doors, color, and lighting make it look attractive and spacious. These are not available in the real flat. However, if you plan to customize your flat, you will get a clear idea of how to proceed after viewing the sample flat.


Conclusion :-

At Infinity World, where  3 BHK apartments are for sale in Punawale, we will give you the freedom of customising your floor layout. So plan a site visit in Infinity World near Ravet hanging bridge to get a complete idea of our work and your future dream home’s floor plan to fixtures and fittings.

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