Ways To Make Your Home Winter-Ready

On 08 February 2022 by Admin,

As the winter season is drawing near, now is the time to think about protecting the home from damage due to lower temperatures. There are many ways to protect homes from harsh winter weather. Here are a few ways to protect your homes in Indian winters.

For moderate cold climate

Prepping up homes for winter in India means keeping the houses warm from the inside. The home is perfect for a moderately cold climate, when lighter shades to darker shade are chosen for  the walls and  exterior vents are closed. For walls, opt for colors like shades of maroon, deep blue, shades of orange, brown, and purple to keep the home warm and cozy. If painting the house is not on your to-do list, get bedsheets, cushion covers, and curtains to cozy up the ambiance. Also, keep the exterior vents of the bathroom window and dry balcony closed.

For cold climate

For a cold climate, just like in Maharashtra, homes with ample sunlight will be best to spread warmth in the house. One of the leading builders in PCMC, Pune, Tulip Group, developed a residential project in Punawale, where homes are ergonomically designed for good space utilization. The rooms are spacious and airy to keep the house smelling fresh. The good ventilation of the apartments helps control the lingering moisture inside the home, keeping the walls, ceilings, and furniture dry while removing the bad odor. Infinity World  offers 1,2,3, and 4 BHK homes. If you are looking for well-ventilated homes, check out 3 BHK apartments for sale in Punawale, available in Infinity World. 

For well-planted balconies 

If you have well-planted balconies, let the plant or the grass absorb the water completely before watering again to avoid further cooling. Moreover, unlike summers, plants do not need frequent watering in winter. 

For cool climate 

For cool climates like in South Indian states, winters are not as chilly as in northern states. For creating a warm and cozy ambiance in homes, fancy lampshades and lights are enough to enjoy the winters. Likewise, well-stocked kitchen cabinets with hot chocolates, cinnamon, ginger and honey, and other food items that give warmth to the body are enough to enjoy the cool climate.


This winter, if you are looking out for homes in Punawale, then head out to Infinity World in Punawale. The property is near the Ravet hanging bridge, which offers winter-ready homes perfectly suitable for cold climates of Maharashtra.

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