Reasons to Invest in Tulip Property in 2022

Real estate has undergone a tremendous facelift in Pune in the past couple of years. Once known as the pensioner’s paradise, Pune is now a cosmopolitan city. Modern technology seamlessly blends with this cultural city. Progressive trends in the IT sector, Automobile factories of Pune foster the growth of real estate, hospitality, and consumer services. Moreover, a slew of Government incentives such as reduced stamp duty and registration fees lowered home loan interest, further escalating the growth of the Real estate sector in Pune. The housing market evolved more in mid and premium segments as real estate developers are keen to develop luxurious projects in an affordable price range. One of the leading developers in PCMC, Pune, Tulip Group launched a premium property named Infinity World in Punawale.

Infinity World in Punawale:

The property amalgamates contemporary designs and architecture that offers comfortable living in one of the most sought after, rapidly developing Pune suburbs, Punawale. Equipped with all modern amenities and conveniences, the project offers 2,3, and 4 BHK s. Spread across 2.22 acres of land, the project attracts home buyers for its quality construction and advantageous location. 

Here are a few more reasons to invest in Tulip properties in 2022

Construction : For any residential project, construction is the backbone. Any infrastructure’s sustainability depends on its constitution. A recognized brand assures you better composition when it comes to construction materials. When buying a project, it is always advised to research the developer and its history. Tulip Group is known for developing premium projects of high-quality construction.

Ease of Loan approval: Buying a home from Tulip Group gives you the advantage of easy home loan approval. Bank approvals become easy when the project is from a reputed builder as the backgrounds are already checked and approved by the bank.

State of amenities: Modern residential projects are now more than a shelter. Instead, it promotes a lifestyle you have dreamed of or, in other words, a lifestyle that upgrades your lifestyle. Tulip group’s properties are facilitated with modern amenities that genuinely epitomize luxury. Amenities like clubhouse, swimming pools, 2 level parking, vast open spaces assure you a peaceful, healthy, and happy life.

Project completion: Tulip Group is known for completing projects within the assured time. They have the reputation of matching every deadline and information with accuracy. Moreover, they duly abide by the RERA Act for sustainable development.

An added advantage of getting higher ROI: Tulip properties promise you a good return on investment. In addition, each property can fetch you high rental yields because each project by them ensures good connectivity and security in terms of market volatility.

Conclusion: If you are looking for flats for investment in Punawale, explore properties from the Tulip Group, known for providing top-end security amenities and CCTV surveillance, restricting intruders, and a host of luxury amenities. Furthermore, they have no dearth of referrals and testimonials that will help you to gauge the trustworthiness of the esteemed developer Tulip group.

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