Integrated Workplaces – Trends, Benefits, and the Future

On 22nd February 2022 by Admin,

In 2022, the pandemic with a new variant named omicron will remain a fact of our lives. We adopted a new pattern of life, and our work-life balance changed a lot during this pandemic. We learned new behavioural patterns in our jobs. We are changing and adapting to new patterns and making most of the opportunity by balancing home and working life.

Hybrid Workplace :

In the coming years, technology will redefine the relationship between us and our workplaces. It is expected that the idea of centralised working spaces will change, as the organisations are decreasing in the amount of workspace they would be using. Several companies are maintaining centralised working spaces with hot-desking to accommodate staff who are working remotely. A hybrid workplace will be one of the trends in 2022, as it gives more flexibility to employees, simultaneously increasing productivity.

AI technology:

Augmented reality will be used on repetitive tasks to concentrate more on creative elements, imagination, and high-level strategies. For example, like in the retail sector, augmented analytics will help inventory planning and logistics so sales assistants can concentrate on shoppers who walk through the door.

Healthy workforce:

Organisations and companies are focusing more on a healthy workforce without being overly intrusive or invasive of employees’ privacy. They are implementing more flexible processes with built-in redundancies to give them cover when disaster strikes.

More focus on skills:

Focus on skills rather than roles will be the likely trend in 2022 to solve problems and adopt innovative ideas to answer the core business questions. As a result, the organisational structure will be flat instead of hierarchical teams.

Office spaces in Punawale :

With technology playing a significant role in workspaces in 2022, office spaces in Punawale have primarily adopted the ongoing trends. Apart from incorporating new  technologies while developing new projects ,builders like Tulip group are offering commercial spaces having common contactless areas, temperature scanning for people accessing the building, and providing maintenance of HVAC systems. If you are looking for office spaces in Punawale, check out the commercial properties offered by Tulip group. These commercial spaces are well-equipped with high-end  amenities like ample work spaces ensuring employees and workers with higher quality, engaging and healthier work spaces. 

Conclusion :

A hybrid work model brings people together, enabling social connections while enhancing productivity in remote settings. The flexible digital workplace engages employees in company culture and builds a sense of belonging and alignment. 

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