Choose these 3 features, when designing a classic living room

On 5th April 2022 by Admin,

The living room is that part of the home where we spend most of our time. In terms of functionality, it is the least specific of the spaces as it does not serve a specific purpose like a kitchen or bedroom. But it is given more value as we like to spend most of our time there watching TV, entertaining guests, playing games, eating or just relaxing. So, when buying a house, apart from checking the kitchen layout, floor plan, a number of bedrooms and bathrooms, prioritise the living room. If it features high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, then rest assured you have enough space to design it according to your taste besides the advantage of its functionality that comes with it.

High ceilings :

High ceilings create a new space level. It creates a perception of spaciousness. It gives you more space to decorate and more natural light and ventilation. More vertical space provides more storage space apt for  adding cabinets for a storage solution. Even you can even keep the entire space open to perceive spaciousness.

Floor to ceiling windows :

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a full-length view of the outside besides adding freshness to the room. Instead of a dull, boring wall, floor-to-ceiling windows add vibrancy to the living room. It makes the room airier and well-ventilated. It opens up the interiors to nature and gives an unrestricted view of the outside world. Moreover, floor-to-ceiling windows are energy-effective, that’s why most- sought after these days. 

Stylish and branded light fixtures :

Stylish and branded fixtures amp up the style quotient of the living room. Picking Up the right fixtures and lighting is essential to complement the room’s decor. In addition, it gives completion to the room and impacts everything else.

Right layout :

Choose the right layout for your living room, like a conversational layout, where you can use three-point seating arranged in a triangle or you can  line-up seating arrangements. For TV watching layout, invest in ample seating and elevate TV viewing for formal entertaining.

Conclusion :

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