4 Things You Should Know About The Home Loan Before Buying Home

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There is no denying that buying a home is a monumental investment both monetarily and mentally. Home is where warmth and comfort start and memories are created. Once you find a home according to your needs and budget, it’s time for the home loan application. However, before applying for a home loan, you should check whether you are qualified for the home loan or not. If you are planning to buy 3 BHK in Punawale, check out 4 things before applying for a home loan. 

Know your credit score

A credit score is based on credit history including a number of open accounts, borrowing from different financial institutions like banks and non-banking financial companies, the total level of debts, and other factors. The higher the credit score, the higher chances of loan approval. Also, you can get the best rate of interest on a home loan. 

Identify comfortable EMI range 

Before buying a home, plan your budget and access your revenue. Right planning helps you to identify the EMI range that you are comfortable with. It will help you to decide on how much money is needed for the down payment and what amount of home loan you would need. You can check with EMI calculators online if income seems sufficient. You can make your parents or spouse as a co-borrower if income is not sufficient. 

Identify the right bank for a home loan

Search banks that provide loans based on the value of the property. Opt for a floating rate of interest if the interest rates fall. If the interest rate increases choose a fixed rate of interest. Opt for banks offering the lowest processing fee. Opt for banks that have pre-approved the property you are planning to buy to reduce loan approval time. 

Documents for a home loan 

Before applying for a home loan, understand documents and the processes that are needed to be followed. Proof of your identity, address, and income are some of the key documents needed before applying for the loan.  


While choosing a flat, you have to take many things into consideration like home loan approvals apart from focusing on amenities, location, and convenience. If you are planning to buy 3 BHK flats in Punawale, check out  Infinity world by Tulip group, promising a lifestyle that you desire. 

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